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of america's political leaders right now? >> it sounds like if you and i sat down we could solve those problems. i have no doubt about that. i think we need to look at across the board cuts. what republicans are set bring back spending to the 2008 spending limits. i actually like what mr. hull vainie suggested, down to 2006 levels. i think we all to be attacking all of the above, all energy aspects. when our economy is reliant upon what happens in libya and nigeria, we have a fundamental problem. >> yes, we do. >> so we have to make those changes. i want to abolish the department of education. let the dollars flow directly to the states get rid of the bureaucrats sitting here in washington, d.c. trying to tell the states what they should do to educate the kids. >> i appreciate your efforts and passion. i don't care which of the trillion dollar problems gets tackled, but to ignore every last one of them why we play nickels and dimes seems foolish. >> i wish there was one multitrillion dollar solution to all this, but i don't think we should raise taxes. i think 25 cents out of ever fede
trillion dollar problems off the list in the process. after all our travels across america, the final steel on wheels starts right now. >>> good afternoon to you live from the campus of oklahoma state university. nice to see you. the sun is shiepining and we'vet a great group gathered, including our town hall tonight on campus and streaming live around the world on a battery of websites. we'll get to that later. but first we begin with a bit more sobering news for already cash-strapped americans. oil prices today topping $106 a barrel, that the highest we've seen it in two and a half years. obviously the crisis in the middle east worrying investors and in turn driving up gas prices for everyone in america. a gallon of self-serve regular will now run you $3.61 a gallon. but as you and i well know, there's too many places in this country where that number is already well above $4 a gallon. it's why it's time for all of us to gather up and find a way out of the stranglehold mideast oil and ultimately foreign imports have on our country's energy policy. the good news, the alternatives already e
to pay the piper is upon us, any clarity as to what implications are of america choosing the side of freedom fighters as the march toward revolution gets closer and closer to places like bahrain and saudi arabia who have to be wondering themselves if it gets hot on the streets in those countries, which side america, who is their strongest ally, is on. >> we're in a chess game right now. and five chess games. we have to consider the end game and each one is different. this is the reason the arab league you have seen initially support us and now back off. the truth is that arab league is more worried about internal control of their own countries and they could care less about democracy. i think that's one of the issues we'll have to face here head-on. when we talk about yemen, we talk about a situation where we've been very close to that government and a real threat there so we have to handle that with full regard to the fact that al qaeda is very active there. the saudis have been an ally. at times have been on both sides of the fence. the evidence has shown. and we've got to deal
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by a congressman who already said that unfortunately there are too many mosques in america, it tells you the political -- that he's applying this on the muslim community. unfortunately, he brought a star witness who has no experience in terrorism or radicalization, a physician who has no knowledge or legit macy within the muslim community. that does not mean he is not entitled to his opinion no matter how wrong they were. so today what we have seen we have seen in political theater, we have seen scapegoating, and no one of us will think the investigation, the inquiry should not take place. it should take place, but it should be a fact-finding exercise not political theater as we have seen today. >> and asra, the biggest concern would be the inability to distinguish between the most extreme interpretation of islam that is the news of recruiting a mechanism of some kind anywhere in the world and the other 99% of the islamic practitioners in this world who neither share that interpretation or practice. do you feel that this political environment or the american people or the world is capabl
in america. it's a global price. the key message is don't foul nymex, west texas and the media. it's a brent world. >> what's the difference? >> brent is europe. >> so brent is oil in europe. >> nymex is oil in cushing oklahoma. we're at $115 a barrel right now. >> how much is that price spike driven by speculation that there will be supply disruptions in the middle east? >> some is speculation, someis geopolitical risk. $15, $17 or so. >> what, if anything, do you think is the appropriate political governmental response particularly on the pood issfoo? >> first of all, i think it's important that we're able to identify the most vulnerable people affected. and the poorest are typically the most affected especially in developing countries. those who live in urban areas. and it's essential that one scales up safety net programs to help them out. in poor countries, as much as 70% of household expenditures are spent on food. so you can just imagine what this sort of increase in prices causes. so it's essential that those poor people are protected by scaling up some of these programs. secretarily
. that means that governors like wisconsin's scott walker are targeting america's teacher, firefighters, judges and cops. mr. walker unveils his plan to close a $3.6 billion deficit. bear this mind, all of this while washington continues stunningly along with the u.s. media, i might add, to turn a blind eye to mounting evidence of recklessness and outright fraud on wall street. that fraud, the one responsible for the massive spike in unemployment, the massive decline in the value of u.s. housing, you add those two things together, that's what they call revenue in the government. your tax revenue is driven by the value of your housing stock and the level of economic activity employment in your state and in your country. so shame on all of us to indulge a system that would torpedo the foundation of american finance, housing and unemployment. let those who cause the problem off scot-free and then try and take it out on the teachers. the man who helped to uncover so much of this evidence is on this very program yesterday afternoon. >> all over this country $11 trillion of wealth wiped out. 27 milli
on in libya and can the president tell america tonight? >> no, i think richard knows more about what's going on in libya than anyone. we didn't know anything about iraq when we went into iraq. the president is going to get so many different pieces of advice from different advisers. some will say, don't make the syrians or the saudis mad. the president has to say what he believes. he needs to speak to the american people and say, here's the world, it's complicated. here's what i think, here's what we're trying to do. if he tries to reach too many different audiences. >> it's not going to be effective. >> we have a military who's mostly done this on their own initiative. i would -- >> what do you mean? >> i've described the atmosphere of my friends on the inside is one of consternation. there was clearly a message coming from the white house saying, we're not going to do anything militarily. our guy, our troops, our planners are planning like we had to do something and we had to. our military has to respond to policy, policymakers. there's been very little in the way of clear policy, clear dir
rate in nearly two years. those remarks come in a speech on one of america's most daunting problems, our underperforming schools, the event held at the senior high school, what the president will out the as a comeback story, that school one of the hundreds of low-performing schools receiving federal money to turn things around. the most interesting twist here is that former florida governor, jeb bush, is joining the president here today. does that mean no jeb in 2012? with us for prix and prospeech comments are john highland, national political columnist with new york magazine and msnbc contributor dave weigel. jeb bush, arm in arm with barack obama after saying some harsh things in the past when obama is taking shots at his brother. what do you make of that? >> it's interesting the education reform is one of those issues that to some extent is come to transcend the normal partisan divisions that keep people from being on stage together normally. so you see people -- joan kline, the former school chancellor here was a big fan of jeb bush's. jeb bush is a big fan of arnie duncan's. s
america and central america, out in the rose garden today getting on the record, reassuring the american people and expressing solidarity with the japanese people, dylan. >> thank you, mike. joining us now is sharon squasoni, a nuclear expert with the center for strategic and international studies. thank you for taking time to meet with us this afternoon. how capable is the technology that exists right now in actually evaluating what the threat is there? in other words, is criticism of the japanese government or the american government or whoever it is well placed, or do we not even have the ability to know what might happen here or what the risks are? >> those are all great questions. the truth of the matter is this is a very quickly moving crisis. things change from hour to hour. but in terms of the radiation threat, i think we definitely know how to monitor that. the problem at those plants is that the radiation is high enough to endanger the workers. and so, that is what has been slowing down some of their efforts. it also has an effect on a lot of different things. you know, when yo
as it pertains to the execution of war in america. secretary of state hillary clinton will address the issue in two hours almost to the minute at 6:15 eastern time. it's almost 4:15 here in the east right now. potentially talking about nato attempting to take command of this mission. well, we know both germany and turkey nato members have expressed no interest in such a mission. a new reuters poll reports only 17% of americans see him as a strong, decisive speech, with questions being raised in washington and across the country, isn't it time for the president to address our nation? ideally in prime time? and let us know exactly what he's thinking and what we are doing? here to mix it up, "washington post" columnist, jonathan, what do you think? >> i think the president should address the nation and talk about why the united states is involved in libya. but i also think he should talk more broadly about his view of what's happening in the middle east. i mean, we had egypt before that, tunisia before that, and right now, yemen, bahrain, and a whole host of -- syria, a whole host of nations in
today. >> get ready for steel on wheels in america's heartland as we trackle the energy crisis. >> live from oklahoma city, the show starts right now. >>> and a lovely albeit cloudy afternoon here in oklahoma city, oklahoma. 35 right noon to you from the here in oklahoma city. it is nice to see you. thank you for giving us a piece of your afternoon to have this conversation. we are here, among the truckers who like the rest of us are feeling the effects of the energy crisis in this country. even the president today adm admitting it's a crisis we can noonr igre >>e cnoeeoi fom oc wn s prices go up, to trance when they go back down. we can't when gas prices are high and hit the snooze button when they fall again form the united states of america cannot afford to bet our long-term prosperity, our long-term security on a resource that will eventually run out. >> whether it's the massive unrest in the middle east, or for that matter, the nuclear mess that continues to unfold before all of our eyes in japan, all over the world events are being spun as the reasons why we're all paying more for
to the united states of america. i disagree with that. >> i want to bring up the elephant in the room, which is universal desire for freedom from all these people and the incredible hypocrisy and nature of the relationships existing between all these different governments, our government, different governments. john kerry in some ways hit the other day. take a listen to this. >> too often over the past decade we saw regimes in the region chiefly as tools in the fight against terrorism. while looking away from abuses that we knew were unconscionable. the result was we had relationships that focused mostly on leaders rather than people. that's part of the price we may, folks. >> do you agree with that? >> yeah, i do agree with that. also, we have to recognize that we seem to get concerned when there's oil involved. we've been terribly inconsistent. we're trying to fight for would be in lots of other places. when oil is involved there seems to be a little different direction from our president, including president obama which surprises a lot of people. >> again, rocket powell is hanging out lik
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as 1972. even more troubling, that same design is used here in america. "new york times" reporting that 23 reactors in 16 states use the containment vessel developed by ge which to this say is a make stakeholder in this network. experts have called for decades that this particular system may be more susceptible to explosions from hydrogen buildup, which is precisely what we have seen in japan. now, there are 66 nuclear power plants in the u.s., containing a total of 104 liceed nuclear reactors. the reactor with the highest riskç rating, none other than w york's independencian point energy center. you can see how close it is to north america's most pop you lated city. to the west coast we go, the diablo canyon nuclear power plant has long been a focus of its concerns with the reactors located near the san andrea fault, step secretary stephen chu insists -- >> we don't believe there's a danger, but in any instance like this, when there are truly unfortunate events like what we are seeing in japan, what we do is we look and learn from that. >>> joining us is thomas m. broker, the director o
right here in america. the show starts right now. >>> breaking news now, as we wooch the closing bell on wall street. a tum muultuous day for marks h and around the world. across the board, there was a 2% drop at the open today. the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p 500, all spending the balance of the day recovering from the hammering at the open. the same cannot be said in the way of recovery for other markets around the world. story line consistent, fearful investors shunning any asset, not only worried about the devastation in japan but the nuclear crisis which gets more and more dire by the hour. toyota losing $73 million a day as a result of their plant closings and they're not the only ones sufficie s suffering . no market hit harder than japan's itself. the nikkei plummeting 16% over the past two days and as barry will point out, more than 20% from its levels prior to this crisis. all of those numbers, the worst they've seen in that country, since 1987 wall street had all sorts of common tear today including those who believe there is further room for weak innocence our markets th
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in libya but not elsewhere. president obama trying to explain when america will act and when it won't. >> it's true that america cannot use our military wherever repression occurs. given the costs and risks of intervention, we must always measure our interests against the need for action. progress will be uneven. and change will come differently to different countries. the united states will not be able to dictate the pace and scope of this change. only the people of the region can do that. but we can make a difference. >> a group that historically has catered to large institutions, governments and investors who have a keen interest in not necessarily a point of view but a keen interest in accurate information, specifically on the case of libya. how relevant is the fact that libya supplies 80% of its oil to western europe, the western european allies' interest in this conflict. >> extremely relevant. that's exactly why you see france and the u.k. in particular pushing for a more aggressive stance against gadhafi. already you're starting to see this fracturing within the coalition fo
obama answering critics who say that these failed to provide leadership on america's budget crisis. we'll mix it up. also, the president today forced to answer a question about the pentagon's treatment of accused le leaker, bradley manning. with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. and fewer pills for a day free of pain. what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky sirloin burger soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™ wisun life financial ratshould be famous. and bad, we're working on it. >> so you're seriously proposing we change our name to sun life valley. do we still get to go skiing? sooner or lat
're serious about getting serious, someday. are you receiving that signal, america? meanwhile, no one is talking about taking on our medical industrial complex, which gives us health care for double the cost of any other rich nation, or ask wall street's zillion nairs to pitch in. all of this raises the question -- how dumb do our leaders think we are? is this a case of good people trapped in a dysfunctional process, or does washington's fear of dealing with reality simply hold up a mirror to our own collective state of denial? joining us are assuredly two decent men, democratic caulk cuss javier visera who voted against the extension, also a member of the president's deficit commission, and from the gop congressman phil gingery also introduced two bills. conman ba ser-- congressman ba seismt. ra, let me start with you. >> it's a mad, mad world. if i we are to talk to the local hardware shore and asked can you budget on a two-week basis? they would say, are you kidding? i can't tell them that, this is crazy, but this is what happens when you for 58 days, to two months you put up a bud
case more directly? here to mix it up, democratic strategist bob shrum and the host of america's morning news amy holmes. welcome, both of you. let me start with you, the president hasn't spoken to the american people about this. we've got troops in the air, bombing taking place, isn't he a little tardy? >> no. the fact of the matter is that congress is not going to de-fund this. that's a bunch of white noise. the president has some pretty clear aims here. he can't say exactly what they are. our aim is clearly regime change, it's not in the u.n. resolution, i think that's what the ultimate outcome will be -- >> but he said that before -- >> no, he's for regime change, but i don't think he can explicitly connect it with this campaign. that is the objective. and in the end, he'll be judged by the outcome of this. if gadhafi is gone, people will feel good about the decisions he's made. if gadhafi is not gone, people will have a very different reaction. and he should not have waited for congress. ronald reagan didn't wait, the first george bush didn't wait in panama, and bill clint
, health insurers and two of america's longest warriors. all of this the topic of my new blog, rescue choppers are corporate jets. it's up this afternoon on the "huffington post". still ahead here we'll get into the politics of nuclear power and what the disaster in japan could mean for the future of energy here at home. you just heard about oil prices. plus an administration official losing his job over the alleged mistreatment of bradley manning. but not for the reason you might think. the monday mega panel is next. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 tdd# 1-800-345-2550 if anything, it was a little too much. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 but the moment they had my money? nothing. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no phone calls, no feedback, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no "here's how your money's doing." tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i mean what about a little sign that you're still interested? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 come on, surprise me! tdd# 1-800-345-2550 [ male announcer ] a go-to person to help you get started. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 regular detailed analysis of your portfolio. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 for a whole lot of extras at no extra char
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